EQ-1 Manual

The main purpose of these manuals is to provide information to ensure the optimum use and performance of the EQ1 Wireless Communications system.
It also provides advanced information for users who require extra functions other than those supplied “out of the box”. Click the link below to downoad.

EQ-1 Wireless Manual EQ-1 Wireless Manual (1081 KB)

EQ-Link manual EQ-Link manual (1762 KB)

EQ-LinkR manual EQ-LinkR manual (2509 KB)

EQ Bluetooth module manual EQ Bluetooth module manual (161 KB)

EQ1 Drahtloser, Flug Kopfhörer & EQ-LINK EQ1 Drahtloser, Flug Kopfhörer & EQ-LINK (555 KB)