My new EQ1 headset is too quiet or too loud

Yes there is something that you can do quite easily. (by the way this should be done for every headset used in an aircraft as the aircrafts coms levels are often quite different)

There is a setting in the EQ-Link that is programmable from the headset; it is called ‘VHF communications level’

With the headset on and the EQ-Link plugged in and the aircrafts coms on you will need to do the following—

3 clicks>menu>rotate>service menu> click> the level should be on 12-14, rotate until you are on about 20 and try that ie click to confirm. (bigger number = louder sidetone)

What you are doing is setting the microphone gain to suit the coms system installed in your aircraft.

We find that most aircraft require a setting of 12-14 that is why it is factory set at this.

The way to check is to plug your previous headset in and listen to your side tone then plug the EQ in and listen to your side tone, when they sound the same then the rest of the world will hear the same when you transmit.

As a side note regarding coms systems.

It is quite a balancing act to get all the levels just right, the VOX, squelch, volume, side tone and gain are all adjustable on the newer coms systems.

I wish there was a standard but then we would have less knobs to adjust which would just make flying easier and we just can’t have that J

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