Can I use the EQ-Link with my existing EQ1 headset?

We realize that there are several pilots out there that have EQ1 systems installed and that some (few) of them will want to use their headsets in an aircraft with GA sockets

If your system is purchased after March 2011    YES, just purchase the EQ-Link, pair it to your headset and its ready to use in any aircraft with GA headset sockets.

If your system was purchased before March 2011 yes BUT  The EQ-Link has required a complete change to the operating system that we use, due to careful planning there is no hardware upgrades required, just software. (a bit like changing from Windows to Apple but using the same hardware) as a consequence if you wish to use the EQ-Link with your existing (old software version) headsets we will need to upgrade them.
Your existing base unit(s) will also need to be upgraded. to be compatible with the new headset software.


The upgrades can only be done back here at the factory, .the units need to be shipped back to us.


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