engine noise through the headsets why?

Let me first explain a few details that seem to be shrouded in mystery. It is essential that you understand that your aircrafts radio, aerial, communications and headsets are individual components that are connected to each other, they therefore need to be both compatible and correctly installed.

Simply put all of these components work individually and must be treated with the correct method for each component. The classic example is a perfectly operational headset and comms and a faulty radio, people tend to 'shoot the messenger' and the headset gets the blame, or on the other hand a bad connection on the headset plug and the radio is blamed for poor transmission quality.
Any one of these components can fail and finding the correct culprit can be exasperating at the best of times especially with intermittent faults or non-compatible equipment. Some manufacturers recognise this 'marriage problem' and have incorporated comms as part of the VHF radio 'Microair' is a good example and you will find this radio fitted in many aircraft.
Another thing to remember is that you may think that you sound ok due to the side-tone in your headsets but your flying buddies are cringing each time you transmit. It is not a crime to let someone know in a polite way that their transmission is bad; please tell them otherwise they will probably never know.

If you have installed a complete EQ1 wireless system and are experiencing engine noise (electrical whine) through the headsets then it is important to isolate where the problem is coming from.
The 2 problems are noise entering the radio through the aerial or through the wiring of the aircraft. 
The following tests will isolate the problem through a process of elimination.

1. to check if it is the aerial--remove the aerial from the radio, turn the squelch off on the radio so that all you can hear is the hiss and listen whilst revving the engine.
If there is no noise then re-connect the aerial and rev the engine, if the noise comes back then the problem lays with the aerial, ground plane, connectors, coax, etc

2. to check if is in the aircrafts wiring-- disconnect both the radio AND the EQ1 system and re-connect them to a separate 12v battery that is isolated from the aircraft, turn the radio on and rev the engine, if the noise has gone then the wiring needs to be addressed-- faulty or multiple earths, multiple power connections, faulty connectors etc..

Often the installation of an EQ1 Pi filter can resolve wiring noises.

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