What causes a 'Sticky' wireless PTT ?

PTT problems.

The PTT sends a brief signal to the base (beep) and then when released sends another brief signal to the base (bop) A millisecond after the button is pushed it is no longer doing anything until it is released, holding the button down does not consume any power.

The signal sent from the PTT is frequency hopping and as such should be able to avoid interference from other RF (a trikes aerial is positioned less than a meter from the base and the system has been designed to cope with this ‘worse case’ scenario)


Three main culprits of ‘sticky’ EQ1 wireless PTT can be—

  1. Fault with EQ1 base unit
  2. Fault with VHF radio
  3. Fault with actual PTT

Assuming that the PTT switch itself ‘feels’ like it is operational there are 3  relatively simple tests can be done to isolate the fault.


  1. Turn the VHF radio (and any other radios) off then activate PTT several times. If the ‘sticky’ PTT is found then it is very likely to be a fault in the EQ1 base.
  2. If no ‘stickiness’ is found then we can turn the VHF on and repeat the multiple PTT presses. A sticky PTT under these circumstances generally means a fault with the VHF and/or its installation. OR the EQ1 base unit.
  3. Keep the VHF radio on, remove the PTT and slowly walk away from the aircraft with the PTT, activating it several times. The PTT should function flawlessly at a range of 5 mtrs and still be able to operate with reasonable success at 8 mtrs. Any less than 2 mtrs and the problem lays in the EQ1 base unit or the PTT.



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