Will my Iphone work with EQ1?

It certainly will. On both the complete EQ1 system (must order cell phone interface) or with the EQ-Link.
Most Bluetooth enabled cell phones will work a treat when connected to the EQ1 Bluetooth Cell phone interface.
A single button on the EQ1 Bluetooth Cell phone interface will allow you to play and pause music, answer and hang up phone calls and also redial the last number.
The iPhone, for instance, can play your music and prioritize your phone calls,  the EQ1 will work together with the iPhone and prioritize the VHF TX and RX.  You can listen to music knowing that you will never miss a radio call.
Because we consider VHF communication is more important that cell phone communication your phone calls will be interupted by any VHF transmissions and receceptions, you will find that the headset wearer has voice prioroty during the cell phone converstaion enabling him/her to have uninterupted access to the VHF.

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