What about a back up in case of failure?

The question of back up is as real with wireless as it is when using wired comms.
The most common cause of headset failure is broken cable/connectors, the EQ1 wireless system does not have these so therefore they cannot break.
A less common problem an aircraft electrical failure. EQ1 can relieve the cockpit stress in this situation with the ability to communicate in the cockpit by simply configuring one of the headsets to 'master' to allow ‘peer to peer’ communication.
The only real failure that we have seen is when the operator has completely ignored ‘Audrey’ (voice prompt)when she informs the low battery status and then user has also ignored the nagging reminder every 2 minutes when there are less than 4 hours remaining on the battery.  In-flight charging is available by simply using the EQ1 12V cigarette lighter charger & cable.

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